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Indoor & Outdoor Maintenance

Routine Upkeep

Your home is one of your biggest investments. It is where you relax, where people come to visit, where you create memories with your family. It’s normal to want it to look well taken care of, clean and inviting. A well maintained home has curb appeal, is safe, increases in value, and reduces utility costs.

Simply maintaining a home takes time, energy and money, but the investment is worth it, especially if you can avoid costly repairs over time.

Craftsman Home Repair is your reliable professional home maintenance partner to help you stay on top of the basic and routine to more involved items on the maintenance check list.

Give us a call to schedule some or all of the following:

  • replace furnace filters, change water filter, drain water heater;

  • clean dryer vent, clean refrigerator back and vent, clean bathroom fans;

  • test smoke and CO-2 detectors & replace batteries;

  • reset automatic sprinkler timers, check valves, adjust sprinkler heads; 

  • power wash composite material decks, concrete/stone patios and walkways;

  • clean gutters and downspouts; install leaf guards

  • lubricate door hinges, knobs and locks (as needed);

  • clean and lubricate window cranks, sliding door and screen door wheels 

  • re-stain/reseal fences and decks; repaint roof jacks and flashing

  • painting-indoor & outdoor


Spring & Fall Seasonal Check-Up: Sign up for our Spring & Fall seasonal maintenance check up. For a nominal fee, I will schedule a visit to your home to check, clean, replace and adjust the recommended items, as well address any additional repair needs you have.

Block of Time Scheduling: If you have a number of smaller Maintenance projects, they are most economically handled by scheduling block(s) of time on one day or consecutive days. Advance scheduling of a 4 hour or 8 hour block of time saves 10% on labor costs!

Elderly Discount: To honor the memory of my late parents, my elderly, home bound or disabled customers receive 20% off my hourly labor charges. 


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