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What We Do:

Craftsman Home Repair is not a do-it-all service company. I am a niche home services company focusing on the kind of work that is helpful to people caring for their homes. It is also the kind of work I really like doing, and the kind of work that I am very good at. This way, you get my best every time I come to your home.

I am not a contractor who does major remodels, nor am I just a laborer trying to make wages. I am a skilled craftsman  who has made the investment of time to acquire useful skills, and the investment of resources to acquire good equipment to do work better and more efficiently for my customers.


What We Charge:

Craftsman Home Repair is a small company. I strive to do quality work, to be able take care of my family, and to give back to our community.  I work as efficiently as I can so that total job costs are reasonable for my customers. My rates are more than some, less than many but, I believe, mutually fair. 

I have a straightforward pricing structure:  Labor + Materials = Total Job Cost.

  • Labor = $ 85 / hour with a two hour minimum 

  • Materials = my cost, plus the sales tax I pay, plus shipping (if any).                                                                    Time required to research/purchase /deliver materials and supplies is added to labor charges. 



   I offer the following reduced labor rates:

  • Elderly (75+), homebound, disabled: 20 % off [$68/hour]

  • Block of Time Scheduling (4+ hours): 10 % off  [$75/hour]



I don't charge for estimates, nor do I travel far and wide doing them.

Many smaller, basic jobs can be quoted over the phone and ideally with a picture or two. 

Estimates are reasonable approximations of labor based on our experience, suitable job site conditions, common industry practices, plus the use of quality materials.   


I do not pad estimates because every customer is only billed for the actual Labor + Materials needed to complete each job. 


When We Are Open:

Craftsman Home Repair is available for appointments  Mon. - Fri. 8 am to 5 pm; Sat. 9 am to 3 pm. We are closed Sundays.

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