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Aging In Place Products

In order to help my customers better visualize some of the products I use, I have provided links to Amazon and other reputable sellers.

You are not obligated to use these particular products, nor to purchase them from these sites.

I strongly recommend the purchase of quality products, even if the cost is slightly higher.

Click on the following links to be directed to product descriptions and pricing.

You may purchase from these sellers directly at the same time, if you wish.


Grab Bars (various styles, materials and lengths)

Handheld Shower Head

Shower Bench                    Sliding Shower Bench                    Sliding/swiveling Shower Bench

Elevated Toilet Seat

Bidet Attachment              Hot & cold water Bidet Attachment

Motion sensor nightlights            Motion sensor under bed lights

Illuminated Light Switches:     1     2     3     4     

Roll-out Shelves (for illustrative purposes) these are made to fit your openings                                                      Half Step Riser

Threshold Ramps (various sizes and styles)                                             

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