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First Time Homeowners

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home!

It can be exciting and fun to plan the "out with the old, and in with the you"

It is also normal for it to be a little overwhelming - especially if you have purchased an older home. Even more so when you dive into a fixer-upper! 

You have created your lists of the big items,...the must-do's,...and the it would be nice if's....

Maybe you have already discovered that unexpected problems - big and small - can creep up at any time. . . OR you have discovered that home improvement isn't half as easy as it looks on HGTV or YouTube!

Craftsman Home Repair is ready to help you make your house into your home.

Some Advice:

There's always something to be done on a house. The trick is to separate needs and wants, to figure out what is the best use for your money and your situation. You must plan and prioritize. Doing too much at once can be overwhelming and can kill the joy of owning your first home. 

Sometimes it’s better to live in a house awhile before deciding on paint colors, carpeting, or a new kitchen. A home is a work in progress, and it takes time to get the feel for a new place. Feel free to take a slow approach and live in your house 'as is' for six months to a year or more. 

Some Keys to Success:

  • make sure any renovations are done professionally with quality materials that are meant to last.

  • Don't spend a bunch of money on tools you really don't know how to use

  • If you don't know how to do something. . .That's OK. . . Ask!


ATTENTION Aspiring Do-It-Yourself-ers!

Watch & Learn - Do & Learn: Supervised sweat equity at its best!  If you are: motivated, available, willing an able to work, willing to get your hands (and clothes) dirty, willing to sweat,  and willing to be taught . . . You could save up to 25 % off my labor rate for the time we work together.                

We will discuss your project and schedule a time; I bring the tools and we will work on your project together. Hopefully you learn the how-to's, some tricks of the trades, job site and tool safety, and maybe more!


Block of Time Scheduling: If you are not  an aspiring DIY'er . . . That's OK!   If you have a number of smaller Maintenance/Repair/Upgrade projects, they are most economically handled by scheduling block(s) of time on one day or consecutive days. Advance scheduling of a 4 hour or 8 hour block of time saves 10% on labor costs!

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